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Chiropractic Jaw Adjustment and Alignment

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) is a common and very debilitating disorder. TMJ usually begins as pain, clicking, jaw locking up, and popping noise in the jaw movement. If not properly evaluated and treated, TMJ problems can continue to worsen and lead to headaches, facial pain, ear pain and difficulty eating. Many chiropractors are specially trained to treat TMJ problems.

If you have a TMJ disorder, every time you open and close your mouth you put wear on the tissues of the jaw joint. Things we do without thought such as chewing gum puts a tremendous amount of stress on not only the joint but the muscles of mastication as well such as the temporalis and masseter. If the popping and clicking of the jaw is associated with pain and/or headaches it now becomes TMJ or temperomandibular joint syndrome. This can cause severe problems if not treated properly and has been linked to trigeminal neuralgia, a severely painful condition which has been nicknamed the "suicide" condition. It is recommended that you seek treatment at the earliest onset of symptoms. Chiropractic care is one of the few treatment options that focus on correcting the cause of the problem not just treating the symptoms.

How can Chiropractic help TMJ syndrome?

Dr. Galli will perform an examination, take x-rays (if needed), and treatment. In the examination Dr. Galli will do some various tests and check the alignment and bit of the jaw. Treatment will consist of a gentle manipulation of the jaw with some specific muscle releases, mobilizations and stretching techniques. Various jaw exercises are then applied.


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