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Bulged and Herniated Disc

Bulged and/or Herniated disc are very different but the symptoms are very simular.

What Is the Difference Between a Bulging and Herniated Disc?

Intervertebral disc disorders are "contained" or "non-contained." A bulging disc is an example of a contained disc disorder.

Bulging Disc

A bulging disc has not broken open; the nucleus pulposus remains contained within the annulus fibrosus . A bulging disc could be compared to a volcano prior to eruption and may be a precursor to herniation. The disc may protrude into the spinal canal without breaking open. The gel-like interior (nucleus pulposus) does not leak out. The disc remains intact except a small bubble pops out attached to the disc.

Herniated (or Ruptured) Disc

A non-contained disc is one that has either partially or completely broken open, and that is a herniated or ruptured disc. To illustrate, imagine a tube (annulus fibrosus) of toothpaste (nucleus pulposus) placed under pressure (you squeezing it, for example). The pressure causes the toothpaste within the tube to move wherever it can. If any part of the tube is weak, toothpaste may leak out.

When a disc herniates the contents may spread out to the spinal cord and spinal nerves. The disc material has little space to go—and so it may head into the area occupied by the spinal canal and nerve roots.

The pain resulting from a bulge or herniating disc can be very dibilatating. Dr. Galli is a Certified and experienced in Spinal Decompression which works by creating a vacuum. The bulged disc or herniated disc will be obsorbed by this suction therefore removing the disc off of the nerve root.

Dr. Galli has helped a given a multitude . His office has a patient-centered approach to chiropractic medicine with a focus on education. Check out our coupon and give spinal decompression a try, your first decompression treatment is free.


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